Best Horror Games for 2 GB RAM Low End Games – 2019


Best Horror Games for 2 GB RAM

Best Horror and Intense Games for You Potato PC. Which Specs only with 2GB RAM and Any Old Dual Core Processor (2Ghz). All The Games in this List was Tested by Our Team on a Potato PC and It Gives a Decent FPS while Playing All These Games on Low – Medium Settings with No Graphic Card. So Don’t Expect The Ultra Level Gaming From You Potato PC. It Just Give You The Constant 30-50 FPS (Frame Per Second). Which is Playable at that Old PC with No External GPU.
Best Horror Games 2 GB RAM
But You can Increase Your Performance By Installing an External Graphic Card and It Will Give Your PC Boost and Work Smoother at High Settings. I Recommend You to Buy Some Cheap Graphic Card with Memory – 512MB\1GB to Get The High FPS at High or Ultra Settings. To Enjoy These Game with Full of Joy.
Here is the List and Download Links for These Games :
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1. Outlast 
Horror Games 2GB
This is an First Person Horror and Survival Game. Which was Launched by Red Barrels on 4th September 2013. In This Game You are Playing a Role of Miles Upsher Who was Revolving Around The Mental Asylum in Greed for Money and Glore. But In This Things, He Got Trapped inside the Asylum and Some Living Dead want his Life. He need to Escape This Asylum Without Getting Die. Will You Escape This?

2. Resident Evil 4

Horror Games 2 GB RAM

This is One of My Favourite Game Series Which I Had Played a Lot. Resident Evil 4 or Commonly Known as Biohazard 4. This Game is Developed by Capcom in 2005. This Game Consists a lot of Voilence and Blood. So I Recommend you that if You Under 15 Then Please Play This Game. May This Affects Your Mind. Leon Kennedy is the Main Player of this Game Who was Trapped in Village with Blood Thirst Peoles. Who Want His Life and He Also Need to Save Lily From These Devil and Get Back To His Home. These Wholes Story Consits a Lot of Action and Thrill. So Must Try This Game once :p
3. C.A.S.E Animatronics
Horror Games 3 GB RAM

C.A.S.E Animatronics is Launched at 4 August 2016. This is an Another First Person Horror Game with a Twist. In this Game, There is NO Evils, NO Souls and NO Infected Zombies. In This Game There is Cat Robot Not Like Doraemon But its the only Danger in this Game. You are Working on you Desk and Suddenly the Whole Lights Goes and Someone Trapped You to This Terrific Office. Where That Robot or Called as Animatronics is Revolving behind your head. So Stay Beware and Stay Safe!
4.Silent Hill 3 

Horror Games 1 GB RAM

This is a the Single Game in this list which was launched on 23 May 2003. Before 16 Years since Now. But Still This Game was in the Top Lost of Horror Games. This Game Works Smoothly in Low end PC with High Settings without any Graphic Card. silent Hill 3 is developed by Team Silent and Kanomi and Launched at 23 May 2003. This Game is all about Exploring Some horror Places of Hills and Beware with these Devils Soul. Escape this Silent Hill as Soon As Possible Before You Trapped in it. Will You Escape?
5. F.E.A.R 3 

Horror Game for Android 2 GB RAM

F.E.A.R 3 : Project Origin is an Cinematic and Ultra Relaestic Graphic Game Launched on 21 June 2011 by WarGaming. This is Really an Interesting Game as its Contains an Open World Scenerio of Metal Asylum and Some Creature Which Make You Scare Everytime. So Get Escape From This Asylum Without Losing Your Life.
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